Indoor Jungle
Indoor Jungle
Indoor Jungle
Indoor Jungle

Indoor Jungle

Let's bring the tropical jungle indoors! Well, actually let's just bring a plant animal & some mojito inspired gummies indoors - a lot less messy!
- Motif Mints Global (2/4) These limited-edition mint tins each house 32g of premium, vegan friendly peppermints, free from sugar and aspartame.
- Chameleon / Sloth / Flying Squirrel Plant Animal (Pick One) These ridiculously cute plant animals wrap around and cling to your houseplants. Made by Another Studio for Design, a UK based, couple-led small business.
- Mojito Gummies Ask Mummy & Daddy are a UK based independent confectioner who make fun gummies, with natural colours and flavours, and never contain palm oil.

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