How To Build Your Own Gift Box

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How To Build Your Own Gift Box

As the festive season approaches, we can almost hear the rustle of wrapping paper and cutting of tape get closer and closer. But with that comes Christmas shopping, the activity that splits us all. Some people love it, others hate it. Well no worries - we’re here to calm your fears (or fuel your excitement, depending who you are) and tell you what to put in a gift box to create the perfect presents for your friends and family. 

Gift hampers are a lovely way of sending something a little more personal and if you’re anything like us (a little crafty) then you’ll have a lot of fun putting these together! Here at That Counts, we’re no strangers to taking gifting one step further, because sometimes one gift just isn’t enough, right? Here’s our ultimate guide to creating your own gift box from scratch.

What should a gift box look like?

This really depends on the type of vibe you’re going for, but it all starts with the box itself, and there’s a whole host of options out there. Whether you choose a classic cardboard box, a wicker basket, a wooden box or maybe a trendy storage crate, make sure you get the right size to fit all of your goodies inside. 

Having some type of packing straw is also important when it comes to securing your items inside of your gift box. This will stop things from moving around too much and potentially breaking once it’s sealed up, especially if you’re sending your box in the post. You could get creative and make this yourself out of old newspaper, coloured tissue paper or simply buy some.


It’s also a good idea to line the gift box with some tissue paper, for that added extra. You can then fold the tissue paper over the products once they’re nestled inside and seal it with a cute sticker! 


It’s completely up to you how you organise the products inside - a classic option is to lay them out nicely on top of your packing straw, but you can also have fun with it! Pop items inside each other, layer them on top of one another, whatever you feel like. 

Where can I buy empty gift boxes?

You can probably find all of these varieties, including packing straw to put inside, at a local arts and crafts store for a decent price. 

The best way to think about this is to pick a theme for all of your gift boxes - are you thinking cute and rustic, or more stylish and modern? Our top tip - have a scroll through Pinterest before deciding for some inspiration. 

Decorating your gift box

Again, this is where your inspiration comes in, along with another trip to that arts and crafts store! Your theme will really dictate what the gift box ends up looking like; play around with different stickers, ribbons and any other decorative pieces you can find until you have a box that anyone would be dying to receive. 

What should you include in your gift box? 

Here comes the hardest part: choosing what to put in a gift box. 

You know your loved ones better than we do - so have a think about the types of gifts they would probably like (or need) to receive in a gift hamper. This is where having a theme comes in handy if you’re really stuck for ideas.

Got a friend that’s always jetting off somewhere? Go travel themed and include some travel-sized versions of their favourite products, a passport holder. Someone that loves a movie night? Hunt around for some of their favourite snacks for them to enjoy in front of their favourite film.

The main thing is to include a good variety of presents. Maybe steer away from only including sweet treats - unless your recipient has a real sweet tooth, then go wild! We do think it’s a good idea to try to find a balance between edible gifts and something they can actually keep and use. 



And if you’re still stuck for inspiration, here’s some suggestions for what to include in a gift box:

  • Candles
  • Chocolate
  • Shortbread (or any type of biscuit for that matter)
  • Mugs
  • Tea or coffee
  • Knitwear, like hats, gloves or a scarf
  • Stationery 
  • Books

Our founder, Micaela, is a pro-gifter so here are her top tips for creating the ultimate gift box:

Decide what your main item is going to be. This should be the biggest, most impressive gift included within the hamper. Once you’ve got this - you’re golden. Then, you can go ahead and choose a couple of smaller gifts that complement the main item. A good example of this is a gorgeous pair of coffee mugs (main item) with some tea bags and biscuits or a bar of chocolate (complementary items). It’s always easier once you’ve got your main product sorted! 

Again, starting with one main item, go colour crazy. I love creating colour themed boxes. It’s always so aesthetically pleasing to open up a well designed, coordinated gift hamper - just like our brand new Festive Foodie Hampers… 


My last piece of advice would be to go with something tasty, something practical and something fun. Why? Everybody loves being given food - who wouldn’t! A practical gift is great because it’s often the things that most people don’t think to spend money on for themselves and they’ll actually use it. Finally, with the fun gift, I love seeing my friends take pictures of them using it and sending them to me so I can see them enjoying their gift. This is why I love sending the Another Studio ‘Plant Animals’ - they’re so cute and I love seeing where people put them on their houseplants! These types of gifts echo, they’re enjoyed over and over again and they put a smile on your face, as well as whoever you’ve sent them to. 

So there we have it - the That Counts comprehensive guide to creating your very own gift boxes! But if all this has gone over your head, why not head to our website and check out our incredible selection of ready made, ready to ship gift boxes - we promise there’s something for everyone! Find them all at

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